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Unify Puzzle

Unify Puzzle

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The Unify Puzzle is a reminder that all people are worthy and beautiful. The pieces are made from thick solid basswood, ash, poplar, and walnut and come both unstained and stained. Stain and sealant are nontoxic and plant based.

Puzzle dimensions: 11 in. x 7.35 in. x 0.75 in.

Each item is handmade and may differ slightly from photos due to the variant nature of wood.

Care Instructions: Do not submerge in water. To clean, wipe with water or a gentle cleanser, such as mild dish soap or a simple vinegar and water solution. Allow to air dry. If desired, you may coat the toy with beeswax to better protect it from heat and moisture—but note that this may change the tone or color of the wood.

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